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The article describes the problem of automatic test generation, which is important in the modern education system, especially in distance learning. Various developments in this area have been considered. The development of new methods and means of generating precisely test tasks has been submitted. In order to reduce the complexity and time in the course of developing tests on computer disciplines, a new type of the test task template has been produces using the production rules specified by the teacher. They make it possible to generate tests from a group of such templates (test template) suitable to be imported into the Moodle distance learning system. The development of a module for the Moodle system provides generating tests from templates directly at the time of testing and allows to create a test template instead of writing all the options for this test in hand, which should greatly facilitate the work and save the teacher’s time. The algorithm for generating a test task and examples of ready-made templates on the topics “Operating Systems” and “Python” have been presented. The proposed approach can be used in the teacher’ work as a tool for test training depending on its purpose and the nature of the discipline studied.

automation, test, template, test task, generation of task variant, context-free grammar, parameter, algorithm, feedback script
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