The links to Internet resources offered to your attention will be useful to everyone who publishes their articles in scientific periodicals and/or is interested in the problems of scientometry


1. Website Scientific Electronic Library.

Information on the Russian Science Citation Index on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library.


2. Website publisher Springer. On the site you can find a list of foreign and Russian scientific journals. The journal descriptions indicate (if available) the impact factor of the Institute for Scientific Information of the USA (impact-factor of Institute for Scientific Information) and other information. The site is in English.


3. Website publisher Elsevier (Russian). Published rules for submitting articles to scientific journals of Elsevier Publishing House.


4. Google Academy or (in the English version) Google Scholar, a free access search engine that indexes the full text of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines (there is an article on the Russian Scholar on Google Scholar in Wikipedia).


5. QuadSearch – a free-access search system, with its help you can calculate the citation index of authors, the Hirsch index, and make a comparative analysis of the scientific activity of the authors.


Order No. 178 dated 06/08/2023 (updating the provision "Expertise of materials")

Appendix to Order No. 178 dated 06/08/2023 (regulation on examination and form)

Order No. 454-T dated 06/08/2023 on the composition of the expert commission

Sample of expert opinion filling about the possibility of publishing an article in the open press for university staff (drawn up in 2 copies)

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