Galimova Ekaterina

Academic degree
candidate of technical sciences (speciality - VAC 2.3.1 Системный анализ, управление и обработка информации, статистика)
  1. graduate student Astrakhan State Technical University , Institute of Information Technology and Communications , Competitor , 2019 to 2020 Education level: Specialty
  1. Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design , Graduate School of Printing and Media Technologies , Senior Lecturer , Education level: Master Specialty: 02.06.01 Компьютерные и информационные науки
  • Journal "Russian Journal of Information Technology in Sports" — literary editor, member of the editorial board, employee
  • Conference proceedings "Collection of abstracts of the VII All-Russian Conference with international participation scientific and practical conference "SPORTS INFORMATICS DAY" on December 4-5, 2023, Moscow",
Scientific interests
VAC 2.3 Информационные технологии и телекоммуникации
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
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