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Abstract (English):
The paper presents the laboratory practicum on electrical engineering and physics worked out on the basis of the teaching guide on electrical engineering including 5 test benches. It includes 24 laboratory works with elements of independent research. The detailed and illustrated test benches of the training complex are the following: Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Electric Machines and Electric Drive, Electric Machine Assembly, Electric Energy, its Transmission and Quality, Principles of Electrical Safety. Some stands are connected to a software and hardware complex designed for measuring the studied values, reflection and processing of analog signals. The compactness and versatility of the training complex Electrical Engineering are noted; one can do 6–9 laboratory works on electrical engineering and physics at one stand. Mathematical calculations of the readings are recommended to perform in Mathcad computer algebra system. A manual based on the laboratory works, which contains general safety rules, guidelines for performing tasks and requirements for their processing, is now under consideration. The advantages of the elaborated laboratory workshop have been listed; the educational, developmental, pedagogical tasks for solving at the lesson have been analyzed; a laboratory work “Three-phase circuit connection in star scheme” is given as an example. The diagram of a star connection is presented; a vector diagram of linear and phase voltages relations in a star connection is built. The oscillograms of currents under symmetrical load are illustrated. It has been noted that the individual tasks have an exploratory nature, they develop cognitive, independent and creative skills of students. The proposed methodological guidelines are recommended for specialists and bachelors in such areas as “Ship and Power Plants”, “Shipbuilding”, “Heat and Power Engineering and Heat Engineering”, etc., and can be used by teachers of general engineering disciplines

training and methodological aids, electrical engineering, laboratory workshop, calculations in Mathcad, linear and phase voltages, vector diagram of voltages and current flows
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