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The paper describes small-capacity irrigation evaporators that improve the performance of a refrigeration unit, as they exclude the release of liquid freon into the compressor suction pipe under sharp increasing of heat load or during ship rolling. The relevance of studying heat transfer at freons boiling in a moving film has been proved. The results and analysis of experimental data on average heat transfer coefficients are presented. The graph shows the dependence of the average heat transfer coefficients on the heat flux density at various irrigation densities. There are presented the results of special experiments determining the effect of irrigation density on heat transfer. It has been stated that the effect of pressure or saturation temperature in the modes of evaporation and developed boiling manifests itself in different ways. With developed boiling, the beam pitch does not have a significant effect on heat transfer. The experiments were carried out on two stands: small-row and multi-row. The pipes were heated with an internal electric heater. It has been inferred that heat transfer in the film is more intense than in volume, therefore, smooth steel pipes can be used in irrigation evaporators instead of finned copper tubes, which are used in flooded devices. The boiling process in a film can be described by equations valid for a large volume, taking into account quantitative differences. The values of a constant coefficient and the criteria exponents are given; the similarity equation for the regime of developed bubble boiling of freons is derived. The calculated dependencies can be applied in evaluating the operation of irrigation evaporators of ship refrigeration units.

heat transfer, freon, irrigation, boiling, temperature, refrigerating unit
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