%0 Journal Article %T COEFFICIENTS OF ACCUMULATING CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN ORGANS AND TISSUES OF RUSSIAN (ACIPENSER GUELDENSTAEDTII, BRANDT, 1833) AND PERSIAN (ACIPENSER PERSICUS, BORODIN, 1897) STURGEONS OF CASPIAN SEA %A Chaplygin, V.. %A Hursanow, A.. %A Ershova, T.. %A Zaitsev, V.. %K accumulation factors, chemical element, gills, muscles, kidneys, liver, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, Acipenser persicus, Caspian Sea %J Vestnik of Astrakhan State Technical University. Series: Fishing industry %D 2021 %N %P 11 %I Astrakhan State Technical University