TY JOUR TI PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF EXPERIMENTAL WORK ON PRODUCING OFFSPRING AND COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF PURE SPECIES (WHITE STURGEON, FRINGEBARBEL STURGEON) AND THEIR INTERSPECIES HYBRIDS (WHITE STURGEON × FRINGEBARBEL STURGEON AND FRINGEBARBEL STURGEON × WHITE STURGEON) KW sturgeon species KW beluga KW ship KW hybrid forms KW fish-breeding and biological characteristics KW maturation KW obtaining reproductive products KW roe KW incubation JO Vestnik of Astrakhan State Technical University. Series: Fishing industry AU Yakovleva, E.P. AU Shevchenko, V.N. AU Gnucheva, V.I. PY 2020 IS 2020 PB Astrakhan State Technical University