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The purpose of this investigation is the problem consideration in the creation in a surface layer of the working cylinder face a structure ensuring antiwear and anti-friction properties. The discovery of new carbon forms – fullerenes and the study of their properties gave a direction in the development of micro-mechanics of friction and wear on the basis of the formation new surface layer properties in friction pairs by means of the saturation its crystal structure with convex polyhedral molecules of fullerenes, mainly C60 and C70. In such cases the most acceptable coating techniques will be, for example, technologies of cylinder nonabrasive honing (charging) for internal combustion engines (ICE). A significant and new feature in this direction is aimed in this case to introduce fullerenes by means of their diffusion into a lattice of a surface layer in a part subjected to friction and wear.

fullerenes, diffusion, nonabrasive honing, charging, diffusion constant, cylinder face.
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