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Nadezhda Titovna Berberova



Berberova Nadezhda Titovna - a vice-rector for scientific and innovative work of Astrakhan State Technical University, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, professor, well-known in the scientific circles as a specialist in organic and physical chemistry.

In 1973 N.T. Berberova graduated from Rostov State University, the faculty of chemistry. In 1980 she defended a dissertation on the degree of the candidate of chemical sciences in the specialized Dissertation Council at Gorky State University; in 1991 - a doctoral dissertation in the specialized Dissertation Council at Rostov State University, specialty 02.00.03 “Organic chemistry”.  In 1995 N.T. Berberova was awarded with the title of professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry. After graduating from the university she worked at the Scientific Research Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry (SRI POC) under Rostov State University as a junior, senior, and later as a leading researcher. In the years 1980 to 1992 she worked in the North Ossetian State University by the order of the Ministry of Higher Education as a member of a group of scientific force, conforming to SRI POC of RSU. Since September, 1992 N.T.Berberova has been working at Astrakhan State Technical University as a professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry, being in charge of this department since 1994. Since May, 2002 Professor N.T.Berberova has been working as a vice-rector for research and innovative work at ASTU.

Research interests. The main areas of research are: study of organic reaction mechanism; involvement of hydrogen sulphide in the synthesis of organic compounds; influence of organometallic compounds on biochemical processes.

N.T. Berberova is the author of more than 300 scientific publications (including 151 scientific articles, 115 abstracts, 14 reviews, 5 training manuals). Professor N.T. Berberova is the owner of 8 patents, 2 of which, related to the development of new compositions for hardening vinylsiloxane rubbers, have been introduced into the chemical and radio electronic industry.

The department, headed by Professor N.T. Berberova, annually scores highly in scientific and educational ratings. N.T. Berberova has personally trained 15 candidates of science (additional 5 candidates in joint supervision), 2 doctors of chemical sciences. Currently, Professor N.T.Berberova is supervising 6 postgraduate students and consulting a doctoral dissertation.

Professor N.T. Berberova regularly wins scientific grants of various levels: grant "Sorosovskiy Professor" (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001), Grant INTAS (jointly with Portugal and Germany), RFBR grants (6 times and 1 grant from RFH), 2 RFBR grants-ofr (oriented for fundamental research), projects of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of the Astrakhan region administration. In the years 2000 to 2003 she had been a grantee of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the results of the contest "Eminent Scientists of Russia".

In 2000 she was awarded a Badge "Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation"; in 2006 she was awarded a medal to the Order "For Services to the Fatherland", 2nd degree; in 2008 she was awarded a Badge "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation". In 2001 and 2006 Professor N.T. Berberova was awarded with diplomas of the winner of the governor's prizes in science and technology for development of science and revitalization of scientific activity in the Astrakhan region.

Professor N.T. Berberova is not only a permanent participant of prestigious international and all-Russian scientific symposiums, congresses and conferences, but also an organizer of similar events in Astrakhan.

With the direct involvement of N.T. Berberova in ASTU there were opened three academic laboratories of the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which provide budgetary financing and encourage participating in academic programs and opening joint departments with the SSC RAS. Professor N.T. Berberova is a research Supervisor of the academic laboratory of the SSC RAS ​​"Chemistry and Toxicology of Caspian Ecosystems".

N.T. Berberova is a member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on organic electrochemistry, a member of the Expert Council on chemistry of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the head of the Scientific and Technical Council of Astrakhan State Technical University, the head of the Ecotoxicological Center at Astrakhan State Technical University, a vice-chairman of the Dissertation Council on organic chemistry and chemical technology.

Professor N.T. Berberova is an outstanding scientist in the field of organic and physical and ecological chemistry, a brilliant organizer of scientific research, capable to set and cope with many relevant scientific challenges.


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