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Irina Yurievna Kvyatkovskaya



Irina Yurievna Kvyatkovskaya graduated from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics in 1985 and was awarded qualification “Mathematician”.

In 1999 I. Yu. Kvyatkovskaya defended her Candidate of Technical Sciences thesis in specialty 05.13.05 “Elements and devices of the computing technics and control systems”; in 2009 she received her Doctoral degree in specialty 05.13.10 “Management in social and economic systems” (Technical Sciences). A Professor’s degree was bestowed upon I. Yu. Kvyatkovskaya in 2010.

I. Yu. Kvyatkovskaya has been working in Astrakhan State Technical University since 1995, where she started as a senior lecturer and worked her way up to become a professor, a head of the department, a director of Institute of Information Technologies and Communications (in 2007).

During 2003 – 2017 I. Yu. Kvyatkovskaya has been the Head of the Department of Applied Informatics in Economics and Information Technologies, in 2017 she became the Head of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Sphere of academic interests: decision-making theory, mathematical economics, knowledge management.

Irina Yurievna Kvyatkovskaya is:

-       a co-leader of a research field on management in social and economic systems, cognitive modelling, information network integration problems that are interacting with a field of cross-cutting business processes of public administration;

-       an organizer of a scientific and technical Council of Institute of Information Technologies and Communications;

-       an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an expert of Science Supervision Service, an expert of the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities (Moscow), an accredited expert in the Federal  Scientific and Technological Roster, a member of the Information and Communication Technologies Committee under the Government of the Astrakhan region;

-       an author of 206 scientific and methodological publications, an owner of 7 registration certificates of Computer software and of  4 monographs. 5 training and methodical manuals are classified by the training and methodical Commission in the field of applied informatics at Moscow State University of Economics and by the Commission in the field of higher polytechnic education at N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Irina Yurievna Kvyatkovskaya:

-       energetically engages teachers and students into participating in developing grants of Russian Fund of Fundamental Research (RFFR), Russian Humanitarian Science Fund (RHSF), programs “Start”, “TEMPUS”, etc.;

-       many times took part in the project “TEMPUS” focused on developing information technologies in the Russian higher education in terms of international experience;

-       undertook a practical training in the United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Greece, Belgium etc.;

-       is a research supervisor of postgraduates and students taking part in the scientific conferences, grantees of Governor’s scholarship, grantees of President’s and Government of the Russian Federation scholarships, grant-holders of the program “U.M.N.I.K.”;

-       a research supervisor of 10 candidates of technical sciences on specialties  05.13.01 and 05.13.10;

an active organizer of scientific and technical conferences; a member of the Program Committee of annual International scientific and practical Conference on “Mathematical Methods in Technology and Applications” held annually over the last 25 years. The funds RFFR and RHSF support applications submitted by professor I. Yu. Kvyatkovskaya to organize scientific and technical conferences.

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