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Alexander Nickolaevich Nevalennyy graduated with honors from Astrakhan State Technical Institute of Fish Industry, the faculty of Fisheries in 1981 with a qualification of “Ichthyologist and a fish-farmer”. A. N. Nevalennyy defended his Candidate of Biology thesis at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1987; in 1996 – Doctor of Biology thesis at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. A professor’s degree was bestowed upon him in 1999.

A. N. Nevalennyy has been working at Astrakhan State Technical University since 1984, first as a junior fellow in ichthyology, further a lecturer, an assistant professor, and in 1997  a full professor of the department of hydrobiology and general ecology.

In 1999 A. N. Nevalennyy initiated the faculty of biology and environmental management, was elected the Dean, and in 2003 the Director of Institute of Biology and Environmental Ecology. In 2008 he became the Director of Institute of Fisheries, Biology and Environmental Management in ASTU; in 2013 – the Rector of ASTU.

Sphere of academic interests: environmental physiology of hydrobionts, ecological monitoring of the Caspian Sea.

Alexander Nikolayevich Nevalennyy is:

-       an author of more than 150 research and methodological papers, an owner of  a number of Grants; his research results are constantly represented at the international symposia, conferences and scientific conventions;

-       a leading professor of the University in the field of ecology, a prominent scientist in the field of physiology of aquatic organisms, a founder of a scientific school of aquatic organism physiology;

-       a member of educational and methodical Associations   in the field of environmental engineering and water consumption; of classical university training in biology and  ecology, fisheries, service and tourism.

-       a member of the Public Council under the Volga-Caspian territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries; a member of the Public Ecological Council under the Agency of the Environmental Management and Protection in the Astrakhan region.

For longstanding and conscientious service A. N. Nevalennyy was awarded with Certificates of Honor by the State committee for Fisheries of the Russian Federation, administration of the city of Astrakhan and the Astrakhan region; awarded with the Order of Service for the Fartherland  II class. A. N. Nevalennyy is an Honorable worker of Fish Industry of the Russian Federation, a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), a member of the Moscow society of Naturalists, an Emeritus Professor of ASTU (since 2009).

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