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Procedure for submitting and reviewing the articles
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1. The Edition reviews all incoming materials appropriate to the subject, with the purpose of their peer-reviewing. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have peer-reviewed articles on the subject published for the last 3 years. Reviews are stored in the editorial office during 5 years.


2. The Editorial board of the Journal sends to the authors of submissions the copies of reviews or rejection reasons and also undertakes to send the copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when the relevant enquiry is made.


3. The paper submitted to the editors is considered to meet the formal requirements set out in the Guide for Authors. Text of the article is checked for borrowing.


4. By the agreement with the scientific editor or his deputy, the paper is sent for a reviewing. Reviewers can be either members of the board or other specialists. The review period usually takes two-three weeks, in some cases (departure or illness of a reviewer, narrow subject of work) it can take about a month.


5. Author will be notified about the results of the review by email. The Editors operate the principle of a single-blind peer review, i.e. the review is sent to the Author without any identifying features of the reviewer.

If necessary, the paper is corrected by the author in accordance with the given recommendations and then it is submitted to the editor for the second assessment.


6. The final decision on publication is taken at a meeting of the editorial board. The editors notify the author about the editorial board decision, the terms of publication of the article. After this, the materials are sent to the editor and operator for further processing.


7. While editing, the paper can be reduced or changed. The final version of the article is sent to the Author by e-mail for agreement and approval. Then the paper is placed in the Journal layout.


8. E-version of the layout is submitted to the site of the Journal and the Author receives a notification about it.

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